Wedding Knits!

My guy and I are getting married!!

After the initial shock and the first wave of planning passed, I had the impulse to start *knitting* things for this wedding. We’re getting married in October, so I instantly had visions of autumn-colored banners, leaves everywhere, and a knit bouquet… but about halfway through the 4th leaf I realized that if I was going to make this happen, I would need some *help*!

One of the things I love most about the Ravelry community, though, is that I barely had time to ask for help before I had knitters jumping out of their seats volunteering to help me out! So great!

To my wonderful knitters who want to help me with this massive undertaking, you don’t *have* to use the patterns here! All I ask is that you follow three simple guidelines:

  • Yarn used for bunting triangles should be wool if possible, or a nice-feeling wool blend. These will be sewn together into a blanket after the wedding! (Leaves can be any fiber.)
  • Bunting triangles, owl puffs, leaves, and “others” should be either natural/undyed or autumnal. Solid, semi-solid, or striped yarns are totally fine, just stick to the orange/brown/red/whatever scheme please.
  • Flowers should be natural/undyed, yellow, orange, or red.

I need to have enough time to assemble these bits and pieces into their finished forms so please, if you could, try and ship no later than September 13th. That’s a month before the wedding, so I *think* that should give me enough time… Whenever you’re ready to ship, contact me at or via Ravelry (my username is ThroughTheLooking) and I’ll send you my address.

Now, the patterns…

Wedding Bunting: A Pattern! (Ravelry page)
Love Stitches (Ravelry page)

Maple Leaf (Ravelry page)
Pin Oak Leaf (Ravelry page)
Autumn Oak Leaf (Ravelry page)
Ivy Leaf (Ravelry page)
Leaf (Ravelry page)
Maple Leaf (Ravelry page)

Centerpiece (Hydrangeas and pussy willows, I love this!!) (Ravelry page) (Crochet)
Rose (Ravelry page)
Rose from “100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet” (Note, any flower from this book would do, this just happens to be a free one.) (Ravelry page)
Gerbera Daisy (Ravelry page)
Rose Bud (Ravelry page)
Roses (Ravelry page) (Crochet)

Owl Puffs (Ravelry page)
Little Hearts (Ravelry page)
Simple Heart (Ravelry page)
Owl (Ravelry page)
Star (Ravelry page)
Pumpkin (Ravelry page)
Autumn Acorn (Ravelry page)
Acorn Ornament (Ravelry page)
Pinecone Amigurimi (Ravelry page) (Crochet)

Note: The only things that have to be one particular size are the bunting triangles, everything else is a mix of whatever happens. I have made Owl Puffs as small as a quarter and Acorn Ornaments the size of an apple – It’s all about having fun with it 🙂


One Response to Wedding Knits!

  1. Alison says:

    Thank you for the pattern, I was at Yarndale this weekend and realised that making wedding bunting was a great idea and a good way of celebrating relatives no longer with us who were always knitting but just needed a pattern, so thank you.

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