Over the years I’ve knit many things that can’t be sold on etsy – things made from copywritten patterns, drafts and prototypes of my own designs, etc. Just because I can’t sell them, though, doesn’t mean I can’t still find a way to share them with you! Every Wednesday, as long as supplies last, I’ll be giving something away!

All items are washed and blocked before shipping, but if you have any strong allergies to dogs or cats you might want to refrain from entering. Most of these items have been in my apartment a long time, and so have my pets!

To win, just follow whatever instructions are given in that week’s post!

Entries are accepted until noon on Saturday. At that time, I’ll assign numbers to the entries and, using a random number thingie, pick a winner!

The winner will be asked to pay for shipping – I’m happy to give these knits a new home, but I can’t shell out for shipping once a week, that really adds up! USPS Parcel Post is really quite reasonable though, I imagine it wont be more than $2.50 to ship anything I’ll be giving away here. If you live locally, I’ll happily deliver!

Postage, or any fantastically generous donations, can be sent via paypal to the address

FREE STUFF Week 1: Heather West!

FREE STUFF Week 2: Kevin Irwin!

FREE STUFF Week 3: Could be you!


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