How to Win a Coffee Cozy

So, by now I’m sure you’ve seen this year’s CureSearch Auction, where you can win/buy a pair of my Give A Hoot mitts and help fight pediatric cancer. Well, for 2012 I decided to step it up a notch – you can ALSO win a Saxon braid coffee cozy!

You know those little cardboard sleeves you get on your morning coffee, or your afternoon chai? Every time you use a reusable coffee cozy like this one, one less cardboard sleeve ends up in the garbage! So, it’s earth-friendly, it’s cute, and because it’s made with wool it keeps your hands cool and your beverage hot. When you’re done with your drink, it also makes an excellent wrist-warmer/bracelet. (Check out my etsy listing for more info.)

Saxon Braid Coffee Cozy

You can enter the raffle in one of four ways:

1. Place a bid on the Give A Hoot mitten auction. Even if you’re not the winning bidder, throwing your hat into the ring will earn you a chance here! (If you’ve been outbid and decide to up your offering, EACH comment earns you another entry here, bonus!)

2. Refer a friend to the auction. If someone places a bid and mentions in their comment that you sent them there, you’ll get an extra raffle entry!

3. Donate to CureSearch between now and midnight on Halloween directly through Brian’s page, then comment on this post telling me all about it. You don’t have to disclose the amount, just let us know you chipped in.

4. Buy any normal item in the TTL etsy store between now and midnight on Halloween. That’s it! Anyone who shops with me in the next five days is automatically entered.

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Halloween, the same time the auction ends. The winner will be chosen sometime on November first using a random number generator and notified via this blog, so keep watching! The winner gets to choose what color coffee cozy they’d like, this dusty rose one is for display purposes only.

Good luck!


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