Wedding Knitting!

In case you didn’t know, the girl behind TTL (that would be me, Alice) is getting MARRIED!

Me and my guy, Thanksgiving 2011
Me and my guy, Thanksgiving 2011

He’s a journalist and I’m a part time legal secretary/etsy seller, so needless to say money is tight. The only way we can *possibly* plan a wedding is with a lot of help from our friends and a healthy amount of DIY projects.

This, obviously, lead me to thinking about what I could *knit* for the wedding! I decided very early on that I want to knit myself a veil, so I started scouring the internet looking for just the right combination of yarn and pattern. It has been a frustrating search, but I think I’ve come up with a few good leads… I’ll have a whole post about the veil soon, though, so I’ll tell you more about it there!

I think I’m also going to try and knit as much of my bouquet and the decorations as I can, too, but I’m a lot more flexible about that stuff. I think I’ll just start knitting and see how far I can get along the way!

Stay tuned, I promise I’ll share all of my fun wedding projects here along the way šŸ˜€


About Alice

Massage therapist, knitter, baker, animal lover, reformed pack-rat, sometimes-dancer, car-singer, and so much more.
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