CureSearch Auction!

How would you like to buy a super-cozy pair of my “Give A Hoot” mitts AND contribute towards finding a cure for pediatric cancer?

Give a Hoot Mitts - Oatmeal

My friend Brian is participating in the 2011 Charlotte CureSearch Walk, and I wanted to figure out a way to contribute. Here at Through The Looking, we love kids and hate cancer, so I’m auctioning off a pair of these mitts in oatmeal (the color shown). Bidding starts *now* and will remain open through midnight (EST) on Halloween!

Brian has this to say:

Dear Friends,
Please support me in my efforts to raise money for pediatric cancer research. I have been a supporter of CureSearch for several years now as they are one of the leading organizations dedicated to finding a cure for pediatric cancers. Please visit my personal donation page.

You can donate directly on Brian’s page.

Halloween Mitts - Charity Auction!

For more information about the mitts, and to see a few more pictures, please see the normal etsy listing, but do *not* bid there!

To bid, please comment on this post with your name and bid amount. Make sure you enter your email address when commenting – it won’t be visible, but I need it so I can contact the winner!

The bidding starts at $5, do I hear $5?

Bidding will be open until midnight (EST) on Halloween, at which time I will notify the winner and create a custom Etsy listing for them to purchase, reflecting their winning bid amount!

Please note, once you’ve commented with a bid you are responsible to pay that amount unless you are outbid. Whoever has the highest bid at midnight on Halloween will be notified that they’ve won. The winner will have 48 hours to pay for the item through Etsy (a link will be provided). If the winning bidder does not pay within 48 hours, they give up their right to the item. The second highest bidder will then be contacted, and so on and so forth.

Of the winning bid, $5 goes to Through The Looking to cover materials and Etsy fees, all other proceeds will be donated directly to Brian’s CureSearch page in the winning bidder’s name.


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12 Responses to CureSearch Auction!

  1. Alison LaPointe says:

    Twenty dollars!

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  3. kathy says:

    What a great gesture! Thank you from a mom of a two time cancer survivor. Twenty five dollars is my bid!

  4. Alison lapointe says:


  5. $45 I love them! Great cause too.

  6. kathy says:

    $50.00… Thank you!!!!

  7. Alice says:

    Thanks so much, guys, this is just wonderful!

  8. Alice says:

    Aaand, Kathy! You win! However, this just links me to your Gravatar profile, not an actual email address (unless I’m missing it somehow?) so please get back to me with an address so I can send you the etsy listing as soon as I get it prepped!

    Congrats, and thank you SO MUCH for your marvelous contribution. I can’t wait to send you your mittens!

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